Privacy Policy

We at Banamallira Mahak are aware of the privacy of each individual (user)'s personal data. To protect the personal information of all users and visitors to, we have presented this privacy policy for your information. This privacy policy describes how any personal information provided by the users of this website when they post their creative writings will be stored, protected and used by the website. Please read this privacy policy carefully before using this website.

Information Collected and Data Stored:

When submitting your creative contents and other activities on Banamallira Mahak website, you will be asked to provide certain personal information such as your name, address and email address etc. While posting articles on Banamallira Mahak website only mandatory columns are required to be filled. This information is collected to identify you among website users. Also, if you send us your articles via email, we save them. Certain information attached to "cookies" is also automatically collected by Banamallira Mahak website which is necessary to provide you with better services. Cookies are small files stored on computer, laptop and mobile phone hard drives. Cookies stored on your device help provide you with better services and restore browser settings. Like other websites, Banamallira Mahak website also stores information related to Internet Protocol addresses, website users access numbers, subject searches and browsers used. As stores, shares and displays paragraphs on its website, we also store information written by our users in the paragraphs. If a user writes or shares any information on our website and later realizes that it should not have been shared, the user can notify us at

Use and Editing of Information: does not use or disclose any user's personal information. It is used only to provide users with reliable, safe and efficient services. The information is also used to measure our users' interest in our website, to resolve problems, and to protect our users from fraud or illegal activity. The information is also used to improve the services provided by Banamallira Mahak, to update and improve the content available on our website. We also use information to send promotional offers and messages to users. Our users' information is never shared with anyone other than and only with those authorities who need to. As we respect the privacy of our users, our users can choose not to receive any promotional offers from us by following the instructions available on our site. We do not transfer any of our users' personal information to third parties. If a legal issue arises, customer information may be transferred and we are obligated to do so. As everyone is bound to follow the law. The information entered in the paragraph by the user will be displayed along with the user's name when the paragraph is edited on the website. If a user comments on a paragraph displayed on our website, his name will be published along with the comment. When a user participates or is declared a winner in any contest from our website along with his/her paragraph. If partners with any other organization or institution to improve our services, then users' necessary information will be disclosed.

Controversial Situation:

Our terms and privacy policy are the same for anyone who visits our website. If any individual has any queries related to this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, they may write to us at The resolution of any dispute or legal matter shall be subject to the jurisdiction of any court in Odisha under Indian law.