About Us

Banamallira Mahak is the leading literature and culture based social media website in today's digital world. Published from the global village Mangalajodi in Odisha state of Indian country. So many writers are introducing readers, their creativity worldwide. Since 2016, lakhs of readers have been able to express their literary creativity using Banamallira Mahak digital portal and get involved in the prosperity and development of literature. It was created by the efforts of some literature lovers. The main objective of this campaign is to promote the appreciation of literature and culture in the present scenario through the Internet. In odia language 'Banamalli' a name of forest flower, and meaning of 'Mahak' is fragarence.  Before being blown up, each part of the blossoming forest is filled with joy and its unique beauty is conveyed to the whole world.

Changing Mindsets..

There are many changes in today's era. In the process of this change, a remarkable change is also happening in the human mentality. Especially its appearance is felt more by our youth. Reading through computers and mobile phones is more and more common among today's youth. So we can never ignore the need to shape our literature in keeping with this trend of scientific development. Rather we have to accept its adoration. There can be no doubt that this can definitely contribute to the prosperity and spread of literature. We must give importance to the spread of literature in the scientific method in the present context.

Local to Global..

In the field of literature, many journals are playing their role in the development and prosperity of literature. A printed book or magazine is limited to readers of a certain region and requires a lot of expenses for its preparation. But a book or magazine published through the Internet is not limited to one region and can reach the whole world. Able to reach readers all over the world at the finger click through a dedicated web domain at a very low cost.


In today's digital trend, there is no limit to prosperity. Closer to space than earth. So at such a time we should not obstruct our literature and culture. It is a master responsibility for all of us to adapt ourselves to this trend and conduct our literature and culture in the right way with respect. In today's busy lifestyle, a digital magazine is becoming more and more accessible to a large number of readerships as it is easily accessible and free of cost. The main aim and objective of this effort is to spread the language-literature and culture to the world, to create opportunities for the new generation of writers to write and to learn a lot from the established writers.